Lash Botox - Training Course

Lash Botox is an exclusive procedure that restores, moisturizes and restores natural eyelashes. Advantages of Lash Botox: Increases the density of eyelashes by 40% in addition to the delightful result of lamination procedures, does not contain harmful chemical components, holds black pigment in eyelashes up to 2 months, allows you to increase the average check for the services of the masters without increasing cost, is a trend In work with eyelashes.

The goal of the course is to master the technique of performing the procedure, hands-on, training for finding the perfect form for curling the eyelashes, taking into account the characteristics of the customer's natural data, correct placement of eyelashes on shapes without the consequences of pulling them, gradual application of lamination compositions and botox eyelashes with observance of all the rules and the time of exposure to the composition, the coloring of eyelashes with a special paint. And also the analysis of the advantages of the procedure, the quality of materials, contraindications for usage, rules of material storage, safe engineering work, cost.

Lash Botox Training Course:

  • Unique procedure
  • Eye build
  • Types of modeling of lashes
  • Features of lining
  • Secrets of successful service 
  • Practice on models

Materials and models are provided. Upon completion of training, an international certificate is issued.

The value of the course is 100 €


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