Basic course - Wax depilation-manual technique

Working on the model. Certificate of international standard. Individual training.

Theoretical block:

  • Materials and tools for shugaring
  • Types of pastes, differences, rules for working with various pastes
  • Care before and after the procedure
  • Rules for the preparation of the workplace, supplies, safety equipment
  • Manual, spatula and bandage techniques
  • Contraindications and limitations when carrying out the slouching procedure
  • Rules of work on delicate areas of the body
  • Bikini design: materials and tools
  • Aged hair, causes, methods of elimination
  • Calculation of the cost of the procedure, the formation of prices for the service
  • Psychology of communication with the client

Practical unit:

  • Workplace preparation
  • Setting hand of the model
  • Work on leg / hand zones
  • Work on delicate zones of the model: axillary hollows, deep bikini, face. Application in practice
  • The analysis of practical errors, their correction in the process of practice

For the duration of training materials and models are provided by the Orange Training Center for FREE!

Master: Ekaterina Ader

Price: 150 €


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