• Upper Lip 15 €
  • Neck 20 €
  • Chin 15 €
  • Cheeks 20 €
  • Arms 30 €
  • Armpit 30 €
  • Bikini area 30 €
  • Deep bikini area: Bikini + Intimacy Area 50 €
  • Buttocks 40-60 €
  • Stomach 40 €
  • Back 40 €
  • Legs + Thighs + Knees €55

Cosmetic device ELITE (IPL + RF), with three active head used for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and also for the correction of disease.

IPL + RF is ready for the successful treatment with any type of luminous flux and color (including black people). E-Light combines the advantages of IPL and RF technology and offers high accuracy, efficiency and safety of treatment.

The device consumes less energy than conventional lasers and IPL thanks to the combined use of optical and radio-frequency energy, provides great results.

Epilation - is the most effective form of hair removal, designed for everyone who wants to get rid of unwanted hairs. Procedure is fast and ensures long-lasting results, while there are no medical contraindications.

Epilation - the perfect solution if you have ingrown hairs, or if you have sensitive skin. You no longer have to suffer with shaving or waxing.

The ultimate hair removal requires several procedures as hair growth goes through three stages : an active phase , resting phase and phase loss. To achieve the desired result you require several visits to the salon, as epilation only works on hairs that are in the active phase. As a result, hair bulb is destroyed and the hair no longer grows. After each procedure, the newly hairs grows much smaller as long as all of them are not completely removed.

The number of necessary procedures depend on the color of the hair, skin type, your age and hormonal state. Depending on the field of hair removal you must undergo 5-7 procedures.

What you should know before the procedure ?

2 weeks before the procedure and during treatment you should avoid sunbathing and use of tanning creams. During treatment, recommend the use of sunscreens.

We do not advise to carry out procedures during menstruation, pregnancy and lactating mothers.

There shouldn´t be  permanent make-up, scars or tattoos on the surface.

The procedure can not be performed in certain forms of diabetes, and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Obstacle for hair removal are also cancer, infectious diseases, acute herpes.


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