Julia Kolistratova

Permanent make-up of the master class with the right instruction. A member of Association of the All-Russian specialists. Aesthetic Dermo-micropigmentation O.S.E.D. Stylist - Makeup Artist.


A graduate of the German School of Goldeneye (Latvia), Amiea (Riga) and Biotouch (America). She was trained at the foremost experts in Russia, Latvia and Estonia: Elena Zaitseva (Tallinn, Riga - Goldeneye), Amiea (Riga), Anna Savina (Biotek), Anna Zabolotnaya (Biotek), Tatiana Petraitis (Biotek).

Cosmetic-aesthetic basic course Iluakadeemia. Cosmetic-aesthetic advanced training: various massage techniques Iluakadeemia. Course: acid peels from the company TOSCANA. Course: innovation in cosmetology - nutrapeptides from firm GIGI. Course: biomemtics from ANNA LOTAN PRO.

Natalia Pozdnyakova



Tatiana Kundikova

Tatiana is a certified SKIN'S polymer depilation master. I love my job and all my clients! I work with polymer waxes and disposable materials! I also use professional cosmetics before and after depilation!
He passed the courses of the CHARMKIT studio and became a certified master of shugaring.
Courses completed SKIN'S Tallinn together with Irina Kolchenko became a certified master of SKIN'S polymer depilation.

Elena Vetrova

Massage therapist.

  • She graduated from the International Massage Academy (Avitsenna)
  • Has a qualification certificate (certificate of professional suitability)
  • Also, the art of massage therapy was taught in schools in Russia and Europe. Expert and professional in her field

For more than 8 years she has been conducting the private practice of a massage therapists in Tallinn (Estonia).




Ksenia Vozlublennaya

Hair extensions.

Certified master of hair extensions (keratin, microcapsules, standard capsules) change in color with the help of extensions, bangs.

The training took place in St. Petersburg with the founder of Academy Fashion Kings Chalim Rosalina.






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