Oily facial skin

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For skin not to be oily you should regularly follow some rules of caring after skin. It all starts with cleansing. For deep and gentle cleansing the best is to use cleansing lotion from Kart Cosmetics, which includes a salicylic acid - this component has anti-inflammatory and drying effect

The second principle of competent care is peeling. The procedure is not recommended to do more than once a week. It helps to cleanse the epidermis of dead cells, dirt and helps to reduce the generation of fat. Use active peelings like bamboo peeling, papaya peeling from KART company, better before bedtime. This is for a reason - the skin should calm down.

Any type of skin needs nourishment. Caring for your face - all meant to ensure the epidermis
has all essential elements. It is necessary to give preference to moisturizer on the basis of lactic acid and moisturizer with vitamin C from KART company.

In addition to proper cleansing and gentle exfoliation, very oily face skin needs a balanced diet. For these purposes a variety of masks from KART company are used: tomato,calamine,
Kart Cosmetics contain natural ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables,also have effective, soothing and stimulating ingredients that relieve redness and irritation, giving a feeling of freshness and comfort.


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