Face: 65 €
Neck: 60 €
Decollete: 80 €
Mesotherapy (Microneedling): 65 €

Use MESO vytal med with hyaluronic acid and peptides reduces wrinkles and stimulates the body´s own collagen production. To reduce wrinkles and facial expression lines.

Wellness for your skin

The MESO vytal cell boost treatment is completely pain- and risk free, comparing to all other rejuvenation treatments. In opposite to botox treatments that can negatively effect your muscle- and nerve system or deep-skin injections of hyaluron that at times cause swellings and uncontrolled spreading of its particles.

Thus a main thought behind the brand new MESO vytal cell boost concept masters the challenge of conventional and occasionally risky rejuvenation methods: Implementing bigger substance-particles deep enough but then again just as deep as needed into the dermal layer.

Its tiny pins open gently your skin barrier and allow an even flow of the MESO vytal cell boost substances. They are placed right in the space between epidermis and dermis and thus directly at your problem area.

Boosting and regenerating tired skin cells without risks?

Only the correct placement of carefully selected, highly active substances can create a visible effect and a tremendous change of your skin texture! MESO vytal cell boost concept developed and patented a perfect needle-pillow that does not damage your upper skin layer. No trauma of skin, no damages, no woundhealing phases.

Fight your wrinkles where they really disturb you!

Not only common wrinkles around eyes or lips can be effectively treated. Induldge yourself with a fresh up of your decollete! Or win some years with a treatment of the back of your hands.

Cheat the witness of your age!


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