Enlarged pores

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The most effective salon procedure in this case is considered to microdermabrasion. It is used to narrow pores, get rid of dead cells and smoothe fine wrinkles. Ideally the increased production of collagen can be achieved (it makes the skin fresh, supple and young), but it cannot be done by every beautician. This procedure uses special scrub with tiny solid particles. Two or three is enough for skin to "shine".

To clean the oily skin ultrasound is used also. The skin is stimulated by high currents frequency, thereby improving its structure, complexion, comedones and blackheads are removed. Is it not what we want? Clean skin - is a healthy skin.

Well proven in the fight against enlarged pores chemical peels, such as TCA (it is easy to carry out even on people with sensitive skin) or phytic. Perfectly cleans and tightens pores soft surface enzyme peeling.

To achieve the desired effect and fix it, your beautician will offer you a set of procedures (instead of one), including cleansing, toning, moistening with vitamins and other ingredients. It makes sense to accept it. Since the once porous skin had been deprived of a normal diet, instead of vitamins it"ate" only fat and non-healthy. It is necessary to change the diet: give your skin what it needed for a long time and did not receive. It's so simple and necessary for your beauty and health.


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