Lips permanent makeup 200 €
Design of lip contours and spreading of the full color 200 €
Design of lip contours with color shading 175 €
Bringing out the natural lip contours 150 €
Lipline and lipbrush 175 €

Permanent makeup (tattooing) for lips can solve a lot of problems and challenges.

First, the tattoo will make the lips more juicy and bright.
Second, you can fix not too successful natural lip shape or visible asymmetry.
Thirdly, the new shape and color of the lips can give the desired volume and bulk

Color variations for lips tattoo are very different, but the desired pigment is selected on the basics of the natural data - color, eyes, hair and from your image as a whole .

Before working, the sketch of the future shape of the lips is drawn. Drawing is discussed, changed, approved - and only then the process starts.

The professional selects the pigment.

Show on favorite bottle of paint and ask for a lip color is completely pointless, because: 

a) pigments will look differently on the lips,
b) pigment on the lips during the procedure and immediately after it won´t look like it will after the healing. Fresh tattoo lips is enormously different in color from the healed tattoo . This must be understood . Do not be afraid of the brightness of just made permanent. Lips will heal and you'll see that the color is back to normal.

Tattooing of lips , as well as other kinds of tattoo, of course, needs to have necessary correction, which is done in a month. The word " correction " is not quite right . Correction involves some changes . In case of permanent makeup, it would be accurate to talk about the completion of the second necessary procedure. Because the skin is not a sheet of paper, after the procedure there are complex processes of regeneration in it, and with one procedure everything can´t be done perfectly.

Repeated procedure allows to modify paint, as well as, if necessary, make amendments to the resulting color.

Anyone wishing to do lips tattoo need to drink tablets against herpes before the procedure. Those, who often suffer many manifestations of herpes, will be drinking increased dose . Those, who rarely have fever, will drink the standard prophylactic dose. I recommend Valtrex . It is enough to take just 1 tablet per day.

Tattooing of the lips requires healing, which is mainly the same for the other zones of the tattoo . Do not wet, not to steam, corss out bath, sauna, swimming pool and solarium. Do not use cosmetics. Do not apply any ointments on the lips.

If you break these rules - remember that the correction will be more likely harder and longer because the tattoo maker will certainly notice a bad shape of tattoo.


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