Perm Eyelashes

Brows tint and shape, Lash tint: 20 €
Lash Curl: 20 €

Perm eyelashes give straight eyelashes an attractive upwards curl.
The procedure takes about 40 min.

Perm eyelashes are more lasting than eyelash extensions, mascara or curling eyelashes with a curling wand.

The advantages of perm eyelashes are:

  • First - beautiful eyelashes. You won´t need to use eyelash curlers or a lot of mascara, because your would have a beautiful curl in your eyelashes.
  • And you will have a lot of spare time in the mornings.
  • Second - lasting effect. Everything depends on how fast your lashes grow. An attractive curl in your eyelashes will last about 1,5 to 2 months.
  • Moreover, after this kind of procedure your eyes will look bigger and more expressive. 

How to take care of your eyelashes after perm? 

There are some recommendations to extend the effect of the perm:

  1. Don't soak for 24 hours
  2. Don't touch and don´t use make-up for 24 hours


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