Eyelash enhancement top 150 €
Classic eyeliner with a flick, Eyeshadow, Smoky Eyes 150 €
Touch up after 1-3 months 50 €
Colour boost 2-3 years 100 €
Eye emphasis on the natural shape of the outline or broad outline, eyelashes imitation 150 €
Shadow effect 2-3 colors 200 €
Proofreading 2-3 months 50 €

On this page we would like to tell you about some of the features of the tattoo on the eyelids, the nuances of healing and other specific matters related to the work with eyes only. When we talk about tattooing, then we can say there are different types of works. 

The upper eyelid can be done only between cilium filling space, to paint on the skin to grow cilia . This makes your eyes look more expressive. EYELASHES do not fall off from this! ! The hair bulb is a much deeper layer of the skin ,where the pigment is placed.The needle just doesn´t reach the bulbs and can not damage them.

Between the cilium is the foundation of the tattoo upper eyelid. You can do the arrows. Their size can be different, from small and thin to long and thick.

Color does not have to be pure black , it mainly depends on your looks. You can use gray, silver, olive shades, as well as more vibrant colours. Not recommended to use brown, because after the time brown tattoo will look red at the base and will give eyes a sickly look.

Lower eyelid usually does not need to clear the dark lines. Better to do the shades, not long and wide. There are eyes that won´t look good with lower eyelid tattoo. The procedure takes about 40 min to 1,5 hour.

During the healing I recommend using a special liquid germicidal - chlorhexidine. Since washing your eyes (as we do every day) with water will not be able to complete the healing process (ie about a week ), a cotton pad soaked in chlorhexidine helps to gently wash off the corners of your eyes. Chlorhexidine, during the healing process, replaces water.

Applying make - up on the eyes, can not happen until complete healing.

Thin skin tends to suffer very traumatic edema. You should not be afraid of this. Eyelids may swell a bit in the end of the procedure , but the maximum swelling is usually the next morning. Edema can hold up for two days, but usually passes quickly. In order to reduce possible edema, you can purchase the dexamethasone eye drops at the pharmacy.


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