Dyeing Eyelashes - Eyebrows


The result lasts for about a month, depending on hair growth. The procedure involves painting, eyebrows cut, drawning shape of the eyebrows and removal of all the excess hair by using tweezers. If the hairs on the eyebrows are particularly strong and thick spectacular eyebrows are provided!

Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows allow to make the face look expressive. Such staining is necessary in order to shape the eyebrows´ line sharpness and brightness, and for eyelashes - volume and prolong the effect. Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows does not take much time.

In most cases, a professional eyelashes painting lasts about 15 minutes and eyebrows can be painted in about 5-10 minut. Every woman should have their little secrets. Give an expressive look with the help of eyebrow correction and coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows.


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