Eyebrow shaping, 2-3 colored (3D technology) eyebrows 200 €
Creating a single eyebrow color or shading of the tattoo or the adjustment of tattoo 150 €
Creating brow shading 150 €
Eyebrows dry painting and modelling 20 €

The most common type of permanent makeup. Eyebrows is the foundation, they change facial expression and general appearance. Properly selected eyebrow shape opens his eyes, takes a visual facelift.

Drawing a sketch before work - the overriding part of the process . I should say that I always ask my clients to abstract from cute black marker, I draw a sketch. Since this color is irrelevant in the subsequent work. During the sketch only discuss FORM. Color is selected later.

Future color I pick myself. It's not out of spite or disrespect to the client. The fact that first, difficult to explain in words shade (sometimes ask brown eyebrows, without considering that brown shades - million). Second, the rich color of the bubble is not like the way this looks the same paint on the eyebrows. Third, recent work is very different from healed, and I'm picking up the paint color, know and consider how it will change later. And fourth, I am guided not your wishes, but a necessity dictated by your manner, your facial features, hair color, eyes and skin.

Again and again I want to emphasize the brightness of the eyebrows after the procedure. EYEBROWS ARE VERY BRIGHT and nothing can be done about this. They will pale only after about a week.

After healing, you would be to think that eyebrows are too pale, that the pigment is gone completely and you 're wasted your time, nerves and money. Do not worry and allow time for the manifestation of the pigment. It takes a week or even two after healing. Pigment gain strength, all will be clear and understandable. Another issue that probably will still be rather badly dyed or non -dyed areas, and these defects are eliminated by the correction, which I think is almost mandatory in 100% of cases, and which is about a month.

Eyebrows do not swell after the procedure. During peeling scabs eyebrows can pretty scratched. Be careful with this, DO NOT rip off the crust.

On the first day, I recommend every hour and a half to wipe the brow of chlorhexidine in order to remove any loose paint mixed with blood, which constitute the cortical thickness. Rubbing chlorhexidine, you do subsequent healing more comfortable for yourself.


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