Fractional photothermolysis

Carbon laser peeling with nano-gel, it´s peeling and rejuvenation - two in one

  • Comfortable and painless
  • Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Binding and purifying carbon nano-gel effect
  • Reducing large pores and fat tissue production
  • Phototherapy skin rejuvenating effect
  • Restores the natural pH of the skin
  • Inflammatory processes are eliminated
  • The skin becomes smooth and matte
  • Pigment spots will disappear

The procedure is well tolerated and does not have age or seasonal constraints.
Facial peeling with carbon does not preclude the use of decorative cosmetics in the first few days, but it can take 2-3 weeks to avoid UV radiation so that no pigment spots are created.

How many sessions do you need to perform and can there be any complications?
Usually 3-5 procedures are sufficient to achieve a result, but in some cases, 7-8 procedures or even more may be required. There are no complications after the carbon-peeling, because the procedure is minimally invasive and the skin is not traumatized.


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