3D facial moisturizing

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3D Intense facial moisturizing 3 masks layering. The purpose of the procedure - the restoration of the skin barrier function and deeply effective hydration.

Humidification - a necessary condition for a comfortable skin state . On winter and summer especially facial skin suffers from: weather conditions, temperature and dry indoor air.

Dehydrated skin leads to premature aging. Lack of moisture in the skin leads to a thinning of epidermis, respectively, the skin becomes loose, loses elasticity and, as a consequence, we see an early appearance of deep wrinkles. The best method to achieve a healthy and radiant skin is its proper hydration - deep hydration.

Stages of the program "Deep skin moisturizing":

  • facial cleansing milk
  • skin toning lotion
  • deep cleansing enzyme peeling
  • cosmetic massage
  • serum application
  • 3D mask (30 minutes)
  • ultramoisturizing (has wound-healing, regenerating and antioxidant effect, improves microcirculation, promoting the production of collagen and elastin, and has a calming
    vasoconstrictor, strengthening effect)
  • applying a moisturizer for your skin type


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