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Holders of sensitive light skin more often complain about rosacea. Bright red spots appear on it, which is not a healthy glow but a disease caused by the poor perfomance of the skin capillaries.

Under the influence of irritants small subcutaneous vessels dilate and even break, as the skin is red, itchy, and in the future without proper treatment is covered with translucent mesh of capillaries, visible to others. Rosacea is treated quite effectively implemented using hardware techniques, that work well with salon care.

Aggravating factors that affect the expansion of the skin capillaries, are the following:

  • abrupt transitions from warm rooms to cold
  • passion for hot meals and spicy food
  • smoking (increases the fragility of blood vessels and promotes blood stagnation)
  • alcohol (especially red wine)
  • stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle (increased pressure intensifies
  • the load on the blood vessels)

Rosacea is not limited only to the presence of unsightly red spots on your face. Violation of blood circulation in the capillaries leads to insufficient intake of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells, which is why it becomes unhealthy pale and ages faster.

Methods of treatment of rosacea and skin care support:

The basic idea of all rosacea treatments are to strengthen the vascular wall and make capillaries invisible and improve the quality of the skin. If the process has come a long way, and capillaries are destroyed, they are removed with the use of mechanical procedures. The skin thus is supplied through the development of a new blood vessels net, whose growth is stimulated by using restorative cosmetic procedures. GIGI announces a line of cosmetics designed specifically for taking care of sensitive skin. The active formula is developed by taking into account all the needs of the sensitive skin.

How does GIGI cosmetics affect the sensitive skin:

1. Soothes and restores natural balance
2. Minimizes the risk of allergic reactions
3. optimizes skin receptors
4. Restores the skin immunity
5. Strengthens blood vessels walls and fights rosacea. Included in the list of components corn oil, biological complex of green algae, horse chestnut, grape leaves, marigold, ginkgo biloba has curative, regenerating, toning, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. As a result of using GIGI cosmetics skin becomes less sensitive to the influence of negative factors, looks healthy and attractive.

Soothing treatment for stressed skin with rosacea. Goal:

  • to calm
  • remove flushing
  • remove discomfort
  • moisten
  • prepare the skin to the course of further procedures

The procedure is:

  • demake - up
  • deep cleansing
  • massage
  • mask
  • final cream


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