Facial skin care in spring

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Everybody should deeply clean skin and undergo a professional cleaning or peeling - it will help your skin to fully breathe and self-renew.

For women older than 35, it is necessary to reflect on the undergoing a deep moisturizing treatment- biorevitalisation or mezoparatsii course. For mature skin it is quite difficult to, alone or with just creams, restore the shaken over the winter water balance.

If the skin has become flabby, gray and porous, phytic peels or microdermabrasion helps.These procedures stimulate all the internal resources of the body, help the skin to literally wake up after hibernation, return it a youthful appearance.

Rules of spring skin care

  • A few simple rules will help to quickly restore healthy skin and return its freshness
  • can not treat the skin only from the outside - avitaminosis necessarily need to be compensated with vitamin complexes and proper nutrition
  • be sure to drink plenty of fluids - 1.5 - 2 liters of fresh mineral water without gas per day (can be a variety of fresh juices, green tea)
  • do not use too fatty "winter" creams
  • remember to use the tonic to massage the facial skin - it will help to tone the skin and awaken its resources
  • If the problems are too hard to handle on your own within two weeks - it is necessary to consult with an experienced beautician

Each revolution of the season requires special attention to the skin! But the most difficult period for skin is experiencing the coming of spring - Take care of it!


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